Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sims3 Music Video - Halocene + Giveaway.

Hey everyone! I was going to wait until tomorrow to do this post. But I can't! I just finished that music video project I was telling you all about and I couldn't wait to show you all! 

You all know I'm a lover of Indie Authors these days. There are so many great books out there that are self published. I'm also a lover of indie music, and my husband came across  Halocene's YouTube channel and I fell in love. Their covers are awesome, and the videos they make are hilarious. Not only are their covers awesome, they have an original album that I adore. I have not stopped listening to it since I bought it. 

I really want to help get their name out there. So I put together this album preview for you all with my Sims. This was a large project. A lot of thought, planning and long nights went into this, but it was so worth it. I hope you all love it, and I hope the band does too! Kinda nervous about sending it to them honestly. lol. 

Along with this video, I'm also giving away a gifted copy of the album to one winner. It will be gifted through amazon, I know most people use Itunes, but I hate apple so amazon it is. So fill out the Rafflecopter below if you're interested!


  1. Hello my love! I haven't listened to their album all the way yet so I'm not sure which one I love most. :-) They all sound good and I'm all about promoting Indie artist whether it be authors or musicians :-) Great job with the video! You did an awesome job! Love you!

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